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RETINA SILVER MATTRESS is made from natural rubber and foam. With high quality raw materials, completely not mixing artificial rubber, the product has outstanding features compared to other product lines, ensuring safety for the health of consumers.

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    4 reviews for RETINA SILVER MATTRESS

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      1. D. Remus Purchased at

        This is truly the most comfortable mattress we have ever owned. After a long day, laying on this mattress is literally instant relief and relaxation. Firm support yet soft at the same time which sounds contradictory but it’s oh so true. We are extremely happy with this purchase and highly recommend to anyone.

      2. John M. Terry Purchased at

        This an amazingly comfortable mattress. I highly recommend this mattress if you are looking for a great night of sleep.

      3. lynne Purchased at

        Best mattress and so comfy

      4. Darrick Purchased at

        firmer than i expected but apparently thats what i needed back hasnt felt this good in years

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