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RETINA DIAMOND MATTRESS is made from 100% natural rubber. With high quality raw materials, completely not mixing artificial rubber, the product has outstanding features compared to other product lines, ensuring safety for the health of consumers.

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      1. Yvonne B Purchased at

        I couldn’t have asked for a better mattress for the price. Completely satisfied.

      2. Bigrock Purchased at

        I bought this about a month ago. I felt in the first night that the pain in my legs and hip were much better than with my old mattress

      3. Andrew Purchased at

        I absolutely love this mattress. I was looking for a firm but comfy mattress, as I need back support. My partner also has sleep issues & snores. Since we’ve been sleeping on this mattress, I can’t even remember falling asleep. I just lay down, while talking, then I’m out. I’m barely able to stay awake to chat about the day. It’s so comfortable I can’t wait to get into bed at the end of my day. Then surprisingly, my partner got up in the night, but I didn’t feel anything at all. The bed is so well made, he doesn’t feel my motions nor I his. I didn’t know he was out of bed till I heard him come in the room. I normally toss & turn all night… not with this mattress, not anymore. I’m recommending this mattress to everyone I know shopping for a bed.

      4. Dave Purchased at

        It’s not often that I’ll rave about a product but this mattress is amazing. I ordered the medium firm because I need the support for my back. I’m finally getting a solid seven to eight hours of good sleep and better still, I get up without a stiff, aching back. I highly recommend this mattress.

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