About RETINA Mattress

Retina Mattress Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in researching, developing, and providing quality, useful, and suitable product lines. Retina Mattress applies technology and streamlined operational processes to provide customers with genuine products at better prices, always with accompanying gifts, but still ensures full warranty and after-sales policy according to the manufacturer’s regulations.

Story of establishment and brand positioning

Retina Mattress understands that bedding is an essential part of life, but many people still do not fully understand the role of mattresses. Some consumers hold the view that “any mattress will do, as long as they can lie down”.

Meanwhile, there is still a lack of diverse, quality mattress options to meet the demand for good sleep worldwide. Additionally, designing a mattress that meets standards is challenging due to the biological characteristics and differences of each person.

Furthermore, for many consumers, the price becomes a significant barrier in choosing a good mattress for their health. Especially, the understanding of mattress components among users is not yet high, and the market does not have widespread awareness of the use of good mattresses for health care and protection.

Therefore, Retina Mattress was established with the desire to provide in-depth knowledge about mattresses in protecting health. While small business owners reduce prices to sell products regardless of quality, and large, reputable retail chains have very high prices, Retina Mattress, with a reputable brand, offers high-quality products at better prices.