6 Tips to Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Let’s get into some of the ways you can prolong the life of your mattress.

1. Use a mattress protector 

Mattress protectors are one of the most effective and easiest ways to extend the life of your mattress. A decent, high-quality mattress protector protects your mattress from spills and stains while also reducing the amount of dust, debris, and filth that gets into your bed.

2. Wash bed sheets frequently 

Sweat, oils, hair, and skin cells all shed while you sleep. In addition, crumbs are left behind by eating in bed, and so is pet hair. All of this can infiltrate into mattress layers, developing bacteria and fostering dust mites, in addition to being unpleasant.

According to most housekeeping experts, bedsheets and blankets should be laundered every week or at least once in two weeks. It’s always crucial to keep sheets clean, even if you’re using a mattress protector. The mattress protector should also be was

3. Keep the pets away from your bed

It’s preferable to offer dogs their own bed rather than allowing them to snuggle up on your mattress quite often.

Even the best-behaved pets go outdoors, drool, and shed hair and cells like humans, and it all ends up on your bed.

4. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.

To keep your sleep environment clean and your mattress healthy, you should clean your mattress regularly.

Many manufacturers will give instructions for stain removal and routine cleaning. However, clean the beds with a hose attachment to remove surface dust. Spot treat stains with a moderate water and soap solution, but let them dry completely before making the bed.

5. Rotate the mattress regularly

Turning the mattress regularly is one of the simplest ways to help your latex mattress to be more ventilated, minimizing deep subsidence, which helps prolong the life of the mattress. You should rotate the mattress at least every 3 months to keep areas of the mattress evenly used.

6. Adjust Room Temperature

Room temperature that is too humid or too dry can affect the breathability of the mattress and create conditions for bacteria to invade and grow. This can affect your health and the durability of the latex mattress. Therefore, you should adjust the room temperature appropriately, around 20-25°C.